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The passing of time brings us wisdom and experience, but unfortunately, it also brings us wrinkles and other ageing signs. Even if some individuals are able to maintain their effortless youthful appearance (due largely to being blessed with fantastic genes), that is not the case for many others. For the vast majority, noticeable signs of ageing start to show when hitting the mid-thirties, and that is due to collagen and elastin production levels decreasing as early as your early twenties. We tend to lose about 2% of our collagen per year starting from our mid twenties. When we hit menopause, we lose another 30% of our collagen.

Granted there’s no stopping the clock, but there is something to be done to keep ageing signs to a minimum and preserve your youthful features. The way to seamlessly combat ageing signs is to stimulate elastin and collagen production within your skin and support the collagen and elastin that is still there. Dietary changes and supplements have long been used with varying results, but technology has presented a more effective solution in collagen enhancement through radiofrequency skin treatments.

Non-invasive anti ageing skin treatment

Radiofrequency skin treatments improve your skin’s qualities such as elasticity, tone and texture without the need for surgery. Radiofrequency skin procedures are relatively quick to perform, generally taking less than an hour of your schedule and are also pain-free.  Another very important note to remember is that one treatment, in anything you decide to do, whether that is peels, radiofrequency, ipl or even the incredible tribella won’t be enough to give you a lifetime of results. Like I mentioned previously, we lose about 2% of our collagen per year, these treatments are maintenance treatments for your skin. Just like you would go to your dentist for your scale and polish, ideally exercise and have a nutritionally balanced diet for your health and wellbeing. Skin treatments are another part of your overall maintenance and lifestyle and should be treated as such.

Fractional Radiofrequency skin treatments

For the Skin Resurface treatment a 160 micro-pin applicator is used to deliver nano fractional radiofrequency deep into the skin’s dermis. It is important to note that there is a little downtime with this procedure and you won’t be heading off to a party straight after- You most certainly could after the radiofrequency treatment alone as it gives the ‘cinderella’ glow I absolutely adore straight after. The skin resurfacing treatment however is a little more intense and you would generally want to do this with no major plans in the 3-5 days post treatment.

Improve Radiofrequency Skin Treatments Results with Skin Resurfacing

Once your healing process is complete, you will feel an incredible overall improvement on your skin’s tone and texture. When it comes to tightening and reduction on wrinkles and fine lines, the more treatments you undertake, the better the results but  even with just a few sessions you will notice results within 2 to 3 months after the treatment as your collagen production is taking effect.

Immediate improvements in skin glow, texture and reduction in sun damage signs are perceptible after a single session of skin resurfacing plus radiofrequency skin treatment. Combining both treatments is clearly effective. By boosting your collagen production and removing damaged skin, you are essentially getting rid of old skin and stimulating a healthier natural skin surface making for a fresh appearance free of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks or any acne scars.

Post procedure aftercare

SPF, SPF and…SPF! This should be part of your daily skin care routine but is extremely important post procedure. In the months after treatment, your skin is busy creating new collagen and elastin, so it is really important that you protect it. Hyperpigmentation can also occur if you don’t properly protect your skin with your SPF. For the first 24 hours post treatment we don’t recommend putting anything on your skin. Days 2-7 we recommend you use a gentle cleanser, moisturise and SPF.

Other fantastic skin care ingredients to include in your routine 5-7 days post treatment is your retinol in the evening, vitamin C in the morning and keeping your skin well hydrated

Products we have available in clinic to do just that are:

  1. Alumier MD Sheer Hydration Sunscreen (it is mineral don’t worry and don’t forget to reapply)
  2. Alumier MD EverActive C&E for your AM routine for your antioxidant and brightening
  3. Alumier MD Ultimate Boost- for your hydration boost
  4. Alumier MD Retinol in 0.25, 0.5 and 1% for your PM routine to really increase that cell turnover
  5. Alumier MD moisturiser for your specific skin type- to lock in that moisture

What makes Radio Frequency Skin Treatments so popular?

Skin rejuvenation is an area in constant development, where older methods are steadily being replaced with newer, more advanced and more effective techniques.

RF skin treatments have stood the test of time with a unique set of benefits that made them such an appealing and popular solution against skin ageing such as:

  • The ability to alter not only skin surface but the skin’s underlying support structures
  • Brief recovery time
  • Natural and gradual effects in skin change due to its results coming from collagen and elastin renewal through time
  • Non-time-consuming appointments that don’t take more than an hour
  • RF treatments can be performed almost anywhere on the body – treating acne scars, sun damage, sagging skin and other common skin issues

To discuss your specific skin goals/concerns book a skin consultation today! The radiofrequency treatment does not require a patch test. The fractional radiofrequency treatment for resurfacing the skin does require a patch test and this can be done during your skin consultation.