Medical Confidentiality at Beechview


Your medical records are held in the strictest confidence. To ensure that your details are correct on our systems, our staff may need to verify your name, date of birth or address when accessing your file. Only a doctor or nurse will be able to discuss clinical matters with you. It is our policy that all staff maintain absolute confidentiality of patient records. Please note we cannot, under any circumstances discuss patient information with anyone (inc. spouse etc) without prior written consent.

Equality and Respect Policy

We are committed to treating all patients in a courteous, consistent and professional manner. We aim to have a mutually fair and respectful relationship with our patients and to provide equality of service to all patients in an environment which is free from discrimination or harassment.

Unacceptable behaviour

At our practice we operate a NO TOLERANCE policy regarding ABUSIVE or AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR towards ANY member of our staff. We aim to provide a comprehensive and professional service in an efficient and pleasant manner to all our patients. We strive to provide a helpful and friendly environment. We would like to ask that patients co-operate with all our policies and treat our staff in a courteous manner.

Safety is of paramount importance at our practice and accordingly, any patient or visitor who is abusive or aggressive in a verbal or physical manner, will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will be REMOVED FROM THE PATIENT LIST. We consider aggressive behaviour to include any personal, abusive or threatening comments, bad language, physical contact, aggressive gestures and theft or damage to property. We will not hesitate to contact the Gardai.