Skincare: Our Philosophy


We believe everyone deserves to look and feel like the best version of themselves, so protecting and taking good care of our skin should be a priority for all of us.

Our skin is continuously exposed to external aggression. From the sun’s UV radiation, the cold, dry weather to pollution, dust and chemicals, all generate harmful free radicals that can contribute to early aging signs. Not only that, but the current fast pace of life, bad eating habits, smoking, hormonal changes, sleepless nights, stress, all of this can also take a toll on the skin.

Fortunately, having an active skincare routine can soothe those adverse effects and help to protect it.

In addition to building a correct skincare routine, it is also essential to invest in specific skin care therapies – from the most straightforward procedures, which can be done at home, to more precise treatments, which must be performed by certified skincare experts.

Your skin is unique, so at Beechview, all treatments are personalised and developed for you. We have available the most innovative means of diagnosis so that your treatment is fully adapted to the type and needs of your skin.

We use a combination approach of medical grade skin care products, medical-grade equipment and a team of skincare experts to achieve maximum clinical outcomes.


The purpose of the consultation is for the practitioner and patient to get to know each other, understand what the goals are and come up with a treatment plan that achieves those goals but also fits into your lifestyle and social calendar. Some in clinic treatments require patch testing, if appropriate these can be done during your skin consultation.

We only offer evidence-based treatments that have been shown to achieve the desired results. All our equipment is medical grade and we only retail Alumier MD, a medical-grade skincare brand that shares our skin philosophy.

The correct diagnosis, the best active ingredients and the most effective methods, combined with the techniques developed by our experienced team of skincare experts, will make your skin shine and restore its radiance and health.

At home, after the treatment, it is advisable to incorporate your skincare routine with the products recommended by our expert professionals to prolong and optimise the results.

Skincare consultation


If you feel that your skin when touched feels tight this is an indicator that you have a dry skin. For the skin where it can be seen shining on the forehead and nose this tells you your skin is a normal type that most people have. However, if your cheeks also shine added to the forehead and your nose this is an indicator of an oily skin.


No matter what the type of your skin is, routine for having a normal and healthy skin is the same. It all starts with applying cleanser as the first step. After this we apply toner and antioxidant serum. For the last part we want to apply eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. By having a regular daily skincare routine your skin will feel better and look better.

In order to have good looking skin it is not connected to our DNA, in fact it all comes down to our daily habits as what we do impacts on our skin ultimately. As there are lots of products for skincare that can be applied at home we do advise you to consult with our skincare specialist in order to identify right skin treatment for you.

Skincare treatment

I don’t have a skin care routine at the moment, what do I do?

This is absolutely no problem. Anytime is always better than never when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Your time is always precious for us and so is ours. Our consultations do come with a fee, however, this is redeemable against products purchased on the day. Complete our skin assessment form on our website and Talk to our skincare consultant today in order to receive the best treatment for your skin.

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