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Repeat MSU Information

In case of an “inconclusive” urine test report, the laboratory will request the test to be repeated with another sample to conclusively determine the need or not of a urinary tract infection treatment with antibiotics.

For the contamination to be ruled out, the tested sample needs to come out as clean as possible. That is the very reason why it is requested for the patient to provide a “clean-catch sample“, that is a sample from the mid part of the urine stream collected in a sterile container.

Patients should deliver the sample in the clinic between 9am-11am from Monday to Friday as fresh as possible after collection.

  • Sterile containers for the urine test can be sourced from the clinic.
  • A bath or shower is advised preceding the collection of the sample.
  • The middle part of the urine stream is the preferred sample. If possible, first slightly empty the bladder into the toilet, stop, and collect the next part of the urine into the container. Empty the remainder again into the toilet.
  • Afterwards, affix the lid and label provided or write on the container your name and date of birth. After this, just drop the container at our clinic and we will send it to the lab.
  • Note that in the case of pregnancy, women should note that vaginal discharge is increased during pregnancy and can contribute to false readings when tested. Further testing may be requested, and some concerns can be raised during these tests due to this possible contamination in the samples.