Dental Treatments

Beechview offers an array of professional dental treatments in Blanchardstown village. If you are having tooth pain, looking for an X-Ray, fillings, dental implants and other treatments then Beechview is your best choice. Our clinic is specialised in all types of dental treatment, with a professional medical team backed up with years of experience and successful dental treatments, we are best at what we do.


Before we start with any dental treatment, it is advisable to always first consult with your dentist about any medication problems or health diseases. Any of these could affect your dental treatment. By having a dentist knowing this information it will be much easier for the patient to have the best possible treatment and avoid any negative effect. 

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Dental X-Ray’s 

One of the first steps to identify what is the cause of your tooth problem and pain and how to perform safe treatment is to take an X-Ray.

Beechview will do an X-Ray scan that will provide both dentist and a patient with a detailed image of the mouth. Currently at Beechview we offer all our patient 3 types of X-Ray scans such as:

  • Periapical
  • Panoramic
  • Bitewing

If you are in need of an X-Ray you can find our dental X-Ray treatments here.

Dental Hygiene & Treatments

With a very active and busy life routine that we have today, we don’t spend as much time on our dental hygiene as we did before. Sometimes we skip brushing our teeth, or simply forget it. Over the time this results with collected plaque. It is recommended that every six months we clean our teeth from plaque and tartar. In most cases plaque is the number one cause for many issues related to oral health. 

We advise our patients to learn more about dental hygiene and treatments at Beechview here.

Patient talking about tooth problem with the dentist

Dental Scaling & Root Planing

Often most patients will develop gum diseases because of the plaque or it might have been passed down by genetics. At Beechview we specialise in helping our patients with dental scaling and root planing. If your gum disease is not treated on time it can cause much bigger damage and further problems for your dental hygiene, so we advise having your Scale & Polish done every 6 months to avoid any unnecessary issues. Consult with our dentist to find out more.

Dental Fillings 

As cavities and plaque affect our teeth, at some period of time we end up with tooth decay, which can be easily fixed with a simple filling. This treatment includes a quick check up on your teeth with the goal of identifying any tooth that needs to be treated. The Dentist carries out multiple tests such as percussion and sensitivity tests to ensure they are treating the correct tooth and to also ensure that a filling is the best course of action for your problem! Tooth fillings can last for a long period of time but with unhealthy and bad dental hygiene this time can be significantly reduced so you will need to consult with our dentist for your dental fillings.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment should be done only when tooth decay has spread to the pulp chamber and your nerve has been affected, or in cases where a simple filling is not possible.  Alternatives to root canal treatments are usually to extract your tooth, which is not always a good solution as you as a patient can end up with less teeth in the end. This treatment is usually done within 2 or more visits to your dentist. Main goal of this treatment is to remove your infected pulp, this is done by opening your tooth from the crown area and going deeper until the center of infection has been identified. After the infection is removed our dentists will fill out the root canal. This treatment may require more visits depending on the condition of your infection. Learn more about root canal treatments at Beechview.

Dentist performing root canal treatment for a patient with dental infection

Tooth Extraction

One of the ways to ease your toothache is to extract the tooth that is bothering you. Before our dentist proceeds with the treatment it is advisable to perform an X-Ray scan of your tooth, and consult with your dentist about use of any antibiotics and if the tooth can be saved. Your dentist will check your current condition and based on that will either extract the tooth or prescribe antibiotics. If you are in need of tooth extraction we advise you to find more details on our page.

Tooth Whitening

With the daily consumption of food we eat and drinks we have, our teeth naturally tend to lose their original white color. Coffee, cigarettes and coloured drinks have a great impact on our tooth color and their overall condition. While some people are born with different tooth colors this treatment for whitening is great for both conditions. Results are visible after the first treatment. Depending on the color of your teeth you can achieve maximum results in just one or more based on your current color and desired color to have. Tooth whitening treatment is recommended to get done every year in order to have a perfect smile and to reach your desired shade.

Other dental treatments at Beechview clinic:

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Six months smiles
  • Invisalign
  • Fluoride and dental health
  • Dental exam for kids
  • Mouth guards

Consult with our dentist team for the best possible solution for your dental problems today.