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It is always said that prevention is better than cure which is definitely apt when it comes to your teeth. One of the biggest problems that can tarnish your smile is teeth stains. While most of us suffer from the condition, not many of us know that the food we consume is one of the major reason we get stained teeth. Though, teeth whitening treatments are very effective, but, even to maintain the results, you need to avoid particular habits that cause dental stains.

  1. Avoid teeth-staining beverages:

Coffee, wine and several other beverages are responsible for teeth staining. Especially coffee, as it has a high amount of chromogens which sticks to your teeth’s enamel and darkens it eventually. Similarly, wine, black tea, and several other beverages affect the color of your teeth. It is recommended to keep sipping water or rinse your mouth after you have consumed any such drink.

  1. Avoid teeth staining food:

Just like beverages, there are several food items that can be held accountable for teeth staining. If you get a stain on your fingers from food, it will most like stain your teeth too. Some of such food items include berries, beetroot, sticky lollies, soy sauce and more.

  1. Highly acidic beverages:

Highly acidic beverages also affect the color of your teeth. The acid might work against your enamel and soften it over time. White wine, carbonated drinks, and soda water can have this effect on your teeth.

  1. Drink plenty of water:

While drinking plenty of water is recommended for several health reasons, it has its own benefits for your teeth. Every time you drink water, it rinses your mouth and any substances left behind.

  1. Quit smoking:

Smoking is one of the prime reasons for teeth stains. Smoking and chewing tobacco has the same effects on the teeth and invite a range of oral and dental problems including mouth cancer.