Whitening 15ml x 2 (Bleaching treatment)


Novel enzymatic bleaching designed to be applied by brushing system.

Dentifrice gel has been formulated with carbamide (3%), agent peroxide bleach proven, widely used in professional dental treatments.

The toothpaste has been formulated with lactoperoxidase (5%), natural enzyme with a double function, accelerate and enhance the whitening effect and protect the oral mucosa.

Also, in its composition includes fluoride prevention of dental caries.

The main indication of Whitekin bleaching treatment paste gel, is the promotion and maintenance of the degree of bleaching obtained after a bleaching treatment professional, and may also apply as a single treatment to eliminate Dental discolorations caused by various factors.

For a complete bleaching treatment is recommended set of Whitekin bleaching treatment and Whitekin mouthwash.


Press twice on the plunger of the paste, and then press twice on the plunger of the gel, so that the gel is deposited on the pasta, trying to use the same amount of both components onto the brush.

Sometimes it is necessary to click several times to get the filling of the metering pump.

Cleaning with water outlet of the product after each use is recommended. Brush 3 times a day for 2 or 3 minutes, preferably after meals and before bedtime.

Apply as single treatment for three weeks, being recommended by the professional control.

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