TePe Special Care Brushes Red


TePe Special Care is recommended for patients after oral surgery who can not yet use a regular toothbrush. Compact with small head for those hard to reach areas.

TePe Special Care is recommended for patients who have just undergone oral surgery and are still unable to use a regular toothbrush. The Special Care brush is for use in the first stage, directly following surgery. After about two weeks or when the area has healed sufficiently, use of the TePe Gentle Care brush is recommended.

  • 12.000 extremely soft bristles ensure the area around sensitive oral issue is cleaned gently
  • For use in the two weeks after surgery as a first stage / For stage two, switch to Gentle Care brush with slightly firmer filaments
  • Suitable for very delicate root surfaces, extremely dry mouth and after teeth whitening / Suitable after radiation or chemotherapy

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