Multi-Mam Compress


Plastified compresses impregnated with bio-active gel. Each compress is packed in a sachet. 12 sachets per box with leaflet.

Neutralizes harmful micro-organisms in a safe and natural way.
Gives immediate comfort and relief; direct soothing effect on sore nipples.
Optimizes the condition of the skin around the nipple.
Prevents against infection (Mastitis).
Supports the natural healing process.
Gel is natural and harmless when swallowed. Multi Mam Compresses are a completely novel approach to the treatment of sore nipples. The product is based on the patented 2QR complex that is unique in its ability to block harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way. Multi Mam Compresses have a strong bio-active effect, which greatly enhances the healing process and stimulates epithelisation.

Multi Mam Compresses are preservative free. The application of an impregnated Compress helps maintain a moist environment. The Compress does not stick to skin, decreases the chance of bacterial infection, and is easy to use. Multi Mam Compresses provide immediate relief of pain and swelling.

The components of Multi Mam Compresses have been chosen for their well researched wound healing, pain stopping, anti microbial and moisturizing properties. Multi Mam Compresses are not toxic and contain no preservatives. The bio-active gel has a pleasant sweet taste, contains only herbal ingredients and is totally safe when swallowed by the baby.

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Open the sachet and unfold the compress. Place the gel side against your nipple inside your bra. Leave in place as long as you wish, but for at least five minutes. Repeat at least twice a day until problems are relieved. Multi-Mam Compresses should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days. In case of persistent or recurrent complaints, you should always see your doctor. Allergies are rare but always possible. If in doubt, place a compress against the skin on your inner arm, if any itchy red spots appear, discontinue use.

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