Multi-Gyn Compresses


Multi-Gyn Compresses are a unique, natural product with a triple action for the perineum directly after giving birth:

Immediate intensive cooling and soothing relief from grazes, stitches or stretched skin
Impregnated with soothing 2QR-complex gel, they help to treat and prevent cracks, sores, swelling and infections
Their plastic backing means that they create a ?moist wound environment? which has been shown to support and speed up the natural healing process

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Open the sachet and unfold the compress. Place the gel side against your perineum inside your pants. Leave in place as long as you wish, but for at least five minutes. Repeat at least twice a day until problems are relieved.Multi-Gyn Maternity Compresses should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days. In case of persistent or recurrent complaints, you should always see your doctor. Allergies are rare but always possible. If in doubt, place a compress against the skin on your inner arm, if any itchy red spots appear, discontinue use.

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