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In this day and age, we are bombarded with images of celebrities with beautiful smiles. Once the teeth and gums are healthy, one of the next steps to create a beautiful smile is to examine the color of one’s teeth and look towards improving their appearance.

It is one of the most commonly raised concerns by patients in our Beechview Practice.

Why are my teeth so discolored?

These are some of the reasons why your teeth may not be as white as you’d like them to be:

Extrinsic staining

  • Chromogenic foods: foods like curries, berries, pasta sauce have intense color, and the color molecules can adhere to your teeth
  • Beverages: tea, coffee, red wine, colored soft drinks
  • Smoking
  • Poor brushing

Intrinsic staining

  • Fluorosis: excessive consumption of fluoride can lead to white opaque discoloration, or even pitting and/or brown discoloration.
  • Antibiotics: some antibiotics, like tetracycline can cause a banding of discoloration on the teeth if they were taken by children when their adult teeth were forming
  • Dental decay
  • Trauma: teeth which have been knocked can change color, ranging from darker yellow to grey/brown

What is the solution for discolored teeth?

The best way to improve the color of your teeth will require a careful assessment by our dentists in Beechview to determine the contributing factors of the discoloration. Then, an individualized approach will be taken to create a treatment plan customized for your situation.

Treatment may include

  • A scale and clean
  • Tooth whitening through bleaching (internal or external)
  • Dietary counselling
  • Polishing old fillings
  • Treatment of tooth decay
  • Replacement of discolored fillings
  • Veneers

How does tooth whitening work?

At Beechview, we offer a take home bleach system. Custom made upper & lower bleach trays are constructed after taking moulds of your teeth. You then take your box of bleach tubes home and use the bleach in your custom trays for 30-45 mins each night. It’s a really easy and comfortable way of whitening your teeth.

For first time users, patients will generally bleach for 2-3 weeks, every day. Usually you will notice a difference within just a few days!

What are the side effects of bleaching?

Sensitivity to cold is the main reported side effect, but that will usually stop as soon as you stop the bleaching process.
So if you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, the next step is to book a full examination with your dentist to determine what will be the best way to improve your smile. Here at Beechview, we strive for beautiful and healthy smiles.