Emergency Dental Service

Friday & Saturday 8pm-10pm

How it works

1. Call our expert team

On dialing the emergency number you will be answered by a member of staff who will take preliminary details.

2. Appointment Made

A 100 euro deposit will be taken over the phone and an appointment slot will be given. The 100 euro deposit will cover your examination fee including any prescriptions you may need.

3. Treatment

Treatment on site/ phone or video consultation can be requested. You will be be provided with directions and parking information or alternatively you will be sent a link for the video consultation.

4. Your data, safely secured

If you wish we can transfer your records to your dentist after your visit.

Emergency dental services

Dental Abscess

Usually a harrowing condition, the dental abscess can be visible on the gums or located in the root of the tooth. Our 24-hour dentist appointments are designed to help relieve the pain immediately and assign the correct treatment to cure the bacterial infection causing the abscess.

Chipped Tooth

A result of dental trauma or weakened and worn-out teeth, a chipped tooth requires an emergency dental treatment to ensure no further damage to oral health. Teeth bonding, crowns, and veneers can be used to correct the visual appearance.

Root Canal Treatment

Also known as endodontics, root canal treatment will be necessary when the roots of the tooth have been severely infected. Provided after carefully applied sedation root canal treatment will relieve pain and help save the tooth.

White Filling

Applied after decay is cleaned from the tooth, white fillings are both visually pleasing and mercury-free. The early treatment of an infected tooth will help prevent the development of a dental abscess, bad breath, and improve oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

If you’re suffering from a wisdom tooth pain, our dentists and specialist will be able to provide you with pain relief and medication and assign the appropriate course of treatment.

Broken Tooth

Emergency treatment of a fractured tooth will help prevent a bacterial infection from developing and will allow for the preservation of the tooth.

Tooth Extraction

Whether you need a regular or surgical extraction, our dentists and specialists are highly trained in providing emergency services. When the tooth can no longer be saved, an extraction will help prevent bacterial infection and will improve general oral health.

Lost/Knocked-out Tooth

Book an emergency appointment if you’ve lost a tooth – your dentist will treat the gums and suggest a treatment (bridge or implant) to restore comfort and protect overall oral health.


Emergency Examination including prescription as needed


Small XRay

€20 each

Emergency filling of tooth


Emergency temporary filling




Abscess Incision Drainage


Surgical Extraction


Routine Extraction


Emergency crown/bridge/veneer recementation

€120 per tooth

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